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Pomellato - synonym of creativity and colorfull

Jewels are not only a symbol of social position, but they should be worn at any moment of the day and change together with your clothes - that has been the motto of the Italian brand Pomellato since 1967.

The sixties were magical for Italy. They were full of energy and optimism. Milan has become a city where "you should be". A place where luxury met with production. A place where design was marked "made in Italy" and dreamt about by the whole world. A place which created prêt-à-porter

The founder Pino Rabolini introduced the prêt-à-porter philosophy also to the world of jewels. He was keen to provide the brand  with strongly distinguishing identity, thanks to which Pomellato soon made a reputation not only on the Italian market, but also worldwide. They have become the fifth largest company making jewels in Europe and one of the biggest players at the international level.  

Success of this company is parallel to the personality and unmistakable style of their creations. They are unique in their combination of stones, shapes, colours and perfect craftsmanship. Every new  Pomellato collection is the expression of surprising creativity, which always foresees and often becomes a benchmark for the whole category.