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Service and complaints

Authorised service

When you purchase goods from Sheron, you will receive a certificate with your goods which serves to identify the jewels in the piece. The certificate contains different data describing the jewellery and is proof that the original is of the given brand. It is also an important document in case of service, either warranty or post-warranty. The certificate confirms the authenticity of the diamonds and other gemstones, their size, purity, colour and cut. The certificate is kept in the manufacturer’s internal database. According to the certificate, the movement of the jewel can be tracked, as well as all of its modifications or repairs.

In the event that the jewel is stolen, it is recommended to inform the manufacturer of the model number.

After the jewel purchase, every certificate must be marked with the purchase date and location of the official retailer, as well as the salesperson’s signature.


Complaint Conditions

Sheron brings exclusive watches and jewels of renowned brands to the Slovak market which guarantees high quality. Despite the efforts of Sheron to preserve high quality of goods, there still may be justifiable reasons for customer complaints. The procedure of the customer and Sheron is governed by the complaint order, which is made in accordance with all applicable laws, Act No. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection, as amended, and is posted in every Sheron store. The warranty period is 24 months, which starts on the day of purchase. Along with the complaint, the receipt and the international watch guarantee card or the jewel certificate must be presented. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and they are repaired free of charge during the warranty period. The right to the free repair expires after the expiration date of the warranty period. Post-warranty service is not uncommon and we are able to repair the goods after the end of the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to defects due to mechanical damage, poor or careless handling or due to the actions of unauthorised personnel or servicing. The watch warranty does not include non-metal watchstraps, the glass or damage due to normal wear and tear (abrasions, scratches, impurities in the strap, etc.). With jewels, the special polish modification on the gold surface is not permanent and with regular daily usage, the polish should be renewed once a year. Polishing is not a subject of post-warranty repair, as it is worn out with daily use. In the event that the complaint is not covered by any the above reasons, the customer must pay for the repair themself and will be informed of the associated costs in advance.