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Jewellery care

Some basic rules and cleaning methods should be observed in order for the jewellery to keep their beauty, shine and value. Storing jewels in jewellery boxes so that they will not touch each other will prevent scratches. We recommend bringing actively worn jewellery to hands of experts once in two years to have them professionally cleaned.


Gold, whether white, rose or yellow, belongs to delicate metals. It requires our regular care. If you wish to preserve its shine, avoid soap and other cosmetic preparations. They will not cause any significant damage to this metal, but will leave a film on it and your jewels will become matt. It is very important to avoid the contact of gold with chlorine. Chlorine causes significant damage to gold and can even result in the change of colour of this metal. Be careful to avoid impacts with gold, as they leave ugly marks. If any jewel gets greasy, clean it by immersing it in alcohol for a while. Dry with fine cloth. Suede cloth is the best for polishing it.


Extraordinary stone usually given in extraordinary moments is typical for its hardness and light dispersion. Every lover of rare stones admires its shine with passion. In order for the diamond to keep its brilliance we need to protect it especially from grease which it is prone to attract. Clean diamonds with dry cloth and at least once in a month pay special attention to it. Warm detergent solution is sufficient to clean it thoroughly. Dry it with soft cloth which does not loose fibres. Store diamonds separately from other stones and jewels. It could easily scratch them. Do not store diamonds together with other diamonds. They can cause ugly scratches to each other. We recommend having your jewels examined by your jeweller at least once per year to check that they hold tight in their frame.


Pearls belong to popular jewels and almost every lady has at least one pearl necklace in her collection. However, this jewel requires more attention and care than others. Pearls contain as much as 2% of water and are therefore sensitive to drying out and also to heat. They can lose their shine after only a slight warming. You can wear pearls every day even despite this sensitiveness. Do not forget to wipe them with dry or damp cloth before returning them to the jewellery box. Never clean them with steam or chemical preparations. The best place to store them are boxes and bags of velvet, but also boxes in which you bought or got the pearls. Never store them together with other natural or synthetic stones. They can be easily scratched and lose their shine. Avoid also contact of pearls with other pearls. They can easily brush each other and lose their shine. Decorate yourself with pearls always after using hairspray, perfume and other cosmetic preparations. They also damage these “gifts from the sea”.