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Care for watches

Every watches from our Sheron store are a unique masterpieces. Although care of the watch depends according to model of a watch, climate and special owner care, each model requires regular maintenance and unique care for correct functioning and perfect condition. It is recommended to perform general overhaul after five years of using watches

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Jewellery care

Some basic rules and cleaning methods should be observed in order for the jewellery to keep their beauty, shine and value. Storing jewels in jewellery boxes so that they will not touch each other will prevent scratches. We recommend bringing actively worn jewellery to hands of experts once in two years to have them professionally cleaned.

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Service and complaints

The company Sheron brings solely certified products to the Slovak market, what guarantees not only their quality but also the option of complaint. The advantage of certified service as compared to service without authorisation is that spare parts are supplied directly by the manufacturer and they don’t have to be looked for at various suppliers.

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