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Care for watches

Every watches from our Sheron store are a unique masterpieces. Although care of the watch depends according to model of a watch, climate and special owner care, each model requires regular maintenance and unique care for correct functioning and perfect condition.

Magnetic field

Do not expose watches to effects of magnetic field (e.g. loudspeakers, refrigerator, microwave oven, …). Magnetised hairspring in the balancewheel can result in inaccurate run of watches.

Swimming in sea and pool

Water is more aggressive due to the content of various salts and minerals and therefore watches must be rinsed with fresh water after swimming.

Impacts and falls

Clockwork of mechanical or automatic watches are sensitive to shocks. Try to avoid falls or impacts with watches as bigger shock can cause damage to fine parts of the mechanical clockwork. Rotor can be broken off or the oscillator spring can be released upon strong impact.

Chemical products

Avoid contact of watch with solvents, perfumes and various cosmetic preparations. They can damage the wristband, as well as the case and seal. They can also cause desaturation or another serious damage.


All wacthes with metal and rubber wristband and with watertight case can be cleaned with a toothbrush and soap water. The watch crown must be screwed when in contact with water in order to assure water tightness of watch. In case of models without screwing crown make sure it is pressed to the case and do not manipulate with it during washing. Dry with fine cloth. If water got into the watch in any manner, bring it to the seller or authorised service as soon as possible. Thorough – ultrasound cleaning of watch case, gaps between links on the wristband, buckles and chains can be made directly in our service centre.

Heat shock

Do not expose watch to direct rapid temperature changes, which can result in condensation of vapours inside the watch, resulting in corrosion of the clockwork.

Watches with chronograph

The clockwork has two measuring systems in models with the chronograph (stop-watch) function. One serves for measuring time section (the chronograph). Continuous run of the chronograph takes energy from the pen which drives also the second system measuring time itself. Long-term run of the chronograph can result in inaccuracy of watches. It is recommended to switch off the chronograph always after a certain time section was measured.

Watches with mechanical clockwork

Mechanic or automatic watches toggle the date in the range of 10:00 p.m. and 02:00 a.m. therefore you should never try to set the date during this phase, as it may result in damage. Wind the watch with automatic (mechanical) clockwork manually once per month in case it is not used for a longer period of time. That will prevent solidification of lubricants. Mechanical or automatic watches turn the date between 22:00 and 02:00. Never attempt to set the date manually during this time. It can result in damage of the clockwork. The run of mechanical or automatic watches can show inaccuracies. That is tolerated in range -4 +6 seconds/day for certified chronometers (COSC). Watches without certification have the tolerance increased to -10 +10 seconds /day. Aberrations within said tolerances are not considered to be a defect of the watch.

General overhaul

It is recommended to perform general overhaul after five years of using watches (the balance wheel runs the distance of 40 000 km in a single year!), which includes taking the clockwork apart, cleaning of the clockwork, exchange of lubricants, exchange of seals, exchange of worn parts, taking the clockwork together, regulation, encasing, water tightness testing. General overhaul of the clockwork prolonges its operating life. The service interval can be prolonged to once in nine years for some models.