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Pomellato Nudo

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    • Nudo Nudo
    • 18 carat rose and white gold, 18 carat rose and white gold
    • brown diamonds, hnedé diamanty
    • pink chalcedony, pink quartz, pink chalcedony, pink quartz
    • Colour is the life and soul of Nudo, Pomellato’s most iconic jewellery design, which, over the years, has dazzled in an array of rainbow hues. Its distinctive minimalist setting puts colour at the heart of each Nudo jewel. Free to shine without restrictions, the full beauty of the square solitaire is bared. Named for this technique that invisibly fixes the stone at its base, Nudo – or naked in English – first appeared in 2001 and quickly became a muchloved classic. The tender pink rose quartz Nudo jewels are subtle, feminine and intimate. But there is strength in softness, an intriguing contradiction that Pomellato explores in this new collection.

    • A.B401/BRO6QR
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