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Pasquale Bruni Ama ring

    • Ama
    • 18 carat rose gold, 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold
    • white and champagne diamonds
    • Ama Ring in 18k Rose, White and Yellow Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds.

      “In love, we are one.” Eugenia Bruni
      Ama collection introduces the new vision of love of the Maison’s creative director Eugenia Bruni. The three golds bring together the yellow of the sun and the white of the water and the moon with pink, the true light that emanates from the heart.

      Ama, a word of colours and sentiments, embodiment of a shape that symbolises the female and femininity: the triangle. Talisman of the goddesses, it is a symbol that sends a message of warmth, representing the chalice, a place of receiving.

      Plumeria flowers become extremely delicate free elements assembled by imperceptible links that can only be created by the most expert goldsmiths. The master artisans have equipped themselves with tools specifically invented to echo the magic wings of a butterfly.

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