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Pasquale Bruni Ton Joli

    • Ton Joli
    • 18 carat rose gold
    • white diamonds
    • agate, lapis lazuli
    • Ton Joli Sautoir in 18k Rose Gold with Blue Moon (Lapis Lazuli and White Agate doublet), White Agate and White Diamonds.

      “Happiness in the rose gold of a flower, the character of a gem, the femininity in the soft light of a leaf, Ton Joli!” Eugenia Bruni.

      Ton Joli maintains the delicate faceting of the taglio Bon Ton, an exclusive Pasquale Bruni patented cut. The collection reinterprets the five-petals iconic flower of the Maison in new sophisticated proportions. Gems blend into a rose gold flower, wrapped in a leaf of white and champagne diamonds.


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