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Pasquale Bruni Figlia Dei Fiori Ring

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    • Figlia dei Fiori Figlia dei Fiori
    • 18-karátové ružové zlato
    • biele diamanty, champagne diamonds, champagne diamonds
    • moonstone, moonstone, pink chalcedony, pink chalcedony
    • Figlia dei Fiori Three Flowers Twist Ring in 18k Rose Gold with Pink Chalcedony, Red Garnet, Moonstone, White and Champagne Diamonds.

      “We are daughters of the flowers and the moon, Figlia dei Fiori is a tribute to the feminine creative spirit and freedom” Eugenia Bruni.
      Figlia dei Fiori celebrates liberty and love for nature. Trails of flowers surround the body like planets. Women carry the whole Universe with them in the heart of Mother Nature.
      In the rose gold shades we find the colours of earth and its warmth.

      Pink chalcedony is born from the embrace that unites land and sky, the gem is all about love.​
      Red Garnet: its element is fire, carrying courage, grounding and confidence.
      Moonstone, the call to lunar universes, the most feminine and seducing stone. It represents the Goddess in every woman.

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