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Pasquale Bruni Amore

    • Amore
    • 18 carat rose gold
    • champagne diamonds, white diamonds
    • pink quartz
    • Amore Small Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Rose Quartz, White and Champagne Diamonds.

      Amore is the famous and historical icon of the Maison Pasquale Bruni. Love is the eternal sentiment: Love for life and for nature. Love not to forget to love, to love yourself.
      Love, a journey into the most precious sentiment that distinguishes the human being.

      The 4th Chakra is the centre of creation and of unconditional Love.
      Harmony and Love are expressed in the Chakra of the heart, the energy centre in which we are able to seize the beauty of life.
      Rose quartz, the gem of Love, reveals facets of lotus, the symbol of the Chakra, creating an aura of protection and vital energy.

      The collection supports the Amore Africa project.

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