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Pasquale Bruni Lakshmi Ring

    • Lakshmi
    • 18 carat rose gold
    • Lakshmi Ring in 18k Rose Gold.

      “Lakshmi is the beauty of lotus petals which dance in a salute to the sun” Eugenia Bruni

      Unexplored gardens and inner worlds. From the hidden corners of Milan to the spiritual ones of India.
      Majestic paradises where the female body is decorated by the purity of nature, told in the perfection of the lotus blossom. The symbol of spiritual force and authority, like a talisman, adorns the woman with sensuality, harmony and beauty.
      It is from these lotus gardens that Lakshmi comes into being and the goddess from which it takes its name is the inspiring muse. Light, wisdom and abundance are her virtues.

      The rose gold petals are the perfect balance between strength and gentleness. Like shields of disarming femininity they protect the heart and the beauty of love.

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