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Alberti Positano

    • Positano
    • 18 carat rose gold
    • black diamonds
    • Cross – the most universal of simple symbols. From the earliest times it has been used as a decorative motif, a symbol or magic sign.

      This product is part of the discounts related to Black Week 2021, from November 19th to 27th. We reduce 20% of the current price in this period.

      Black Week 2021 Terms:

      The discount applies to selected rose gold products and its combinations.

      The discount applies only to selected goods in stock, does not apply to new orders.

      You can use the discount repeatedly during the special days (if you buy, for example, on a Monday, you can buy other products with the same discount on other days as well), because it applies to every single model you have purchased.

      The discount cannot be combined and cumulated with other eventually ongoing events.

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    • 755 
    • in stock
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