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Pure luxury. Since 1921

The beauty of classicism and luxury at the same time is traditionally combined in collections of the company Schoeffel, which has been the leader in production of jewels from cultivated pearls already from 1921. All pearls set in necklaces, bracelets and pearl jewels form a harmonic combination of shine, shape, surface, size and colour - a combination which is not only attractive, but also breath-taking.

The company Schoeffel was founded by Mr Wilhelm Schoeffel in 1921. Now, in its fourth generation, the family business achieved the position of international importance. Schoeffel has succeeded in getting to the position of a luxury brand at the exclusive market of beautiful pearls. As they claim in their logo: Pure Luxury. Since 1921.

The company is under the leadership of Till Schoeffel having a success combining in itself the tradition with individual passion. It is the passion that inspires women around the globe. Thanks to unmistakable signature of  Schoeffel, pearls of grand beauty and flawless quality, as well as amazing pearl collections, are becoming the dream of every woman.