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Passion for car racing

Roaring engines, asphalt fumes, exciting speed and waves of adrenaline are all in sharp contrast to the world of watchmaking, characterized by almost monastic peace in temperature-controlled rooms. However, a closer look reveals a number of similarities between the two spheres – relationship with time, passion for fine mechanics, as well as absolute concentration.

The links between the Chopard manufactory and the world-famous Mille Miglia race have been interwoven with common history for over 30 years. This link stems from the personal passion of Chopard’s Vice President, Karl Friedrich Scheufele, for classic cars:  “Quality car lovers often have a weakness for precious watches and vice versa. Exceptional precision and sporty elegance are important in both areas.”  The qualities required to participate in this prestigious race are known and quite logically similar to those of Chopard watches.