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Schoeffel Exclusive SCP

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  • 18-karátové biele zlato, 18-karátové biele zlato
  • biele diamanty, perla južných morí, biele diamanty, perla južných morí
  • perleť, perleť
  • The pearls of the South Seas are the rarest pearls admired all over the world and owe their exceptional position in the whole range of pearls on the market mainly to their size, complexity of cultivation and long growth time. South Sea pearls have the thickest layer of mother-of-pearl of all pearls, so they are much larger than other pearls and their velvety luster with white, cream, pink, gray or gold shades is considered highly luxurious. These cultured pearls of the highest quality combined with diamonds and precious metals are a unique jewel of every woman!

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