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Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton Necklace


      Bon Ton Dolce Vita Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Prasiolite and Diamonds.

      The five-petals flower represents the icon of the Maison and evokes a woman with an elegant, harmonious and sophisticated lifestyle.
      The Bon Ton collection, whose symbol is this very flower, has adapted, alongside women, to the changing times and society, without sacrificing the simplicity and the innate grace of its emblem. The stones’ patented ‘Bon Ton cut’ features soft faceted petals culminating in a cabochon pistil at the heart of the jewel.
      A collection that has successfully reinvented itself, while retaining its identity over the years.

      The Bon Ton “Dolce Vita” collection, which is naturally romantic, yet also informal and contemporary, is a tribute to Mother Nature and to women, a sublime expression of the creativity of Eugenia Bruni. The name Dolce Vita honors the love for our country, our lifestyle and our spontaneous elegance, while evoking that sweetness that should always be part of a woman’s life.

      Prasiolite is a pure, sophisticated and noble stone. Green and fresh, it is linked to the heart Chakra. The 4th Chakra can be described in one word: love. Unconditional love and a feeling of union with the universe. It is transparent, vibrant and luminous. Its energy is immediately felt.

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