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Hulchi Belluni

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Jewels with the soul of Feng Shui

A jewellery brand that is inspired by three elements: the name of its creative brain Martine “HUL” the oriental philosophy of Feng Shui (“CHI” element) and the beautiful moon (“Bella Luna”), which is considered in many cultures to be a source of inspiration. Not only unique ornaments, but also the name, branding, selected colours, as well as the brand’s presence at many international fairs embody the unique Feng Shui lifestyle. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hulchi Belluni.

The story began to be written in 2001, when the energetic lady Martine Hul finally fulfilled her dream and started to build her own brand of jewellery. More than 20 years of experience joined her distinguished style, sparkling élan, sensitivity and creativity under the name Hulchi Belluni.

Each jewel from Hulchi Belluno is accompanied by the principles of Feng Shui. You can feel the jewellery emitting “Chi”, positive energy that blissfully brings balance to the body. Each piece portrays personal emotions and has been developed on three pillars: quality, production and elegance. The perfect presentation of a Hulchi Belluno gem will last forever and it is designed so the wider appearance increases the inner beauty of the person who wears it.

Because of its diversity and innovative abilities, jewellery from Hulchi Belluno has become high quality. It is made of 18-carat gold, complemented by high quality diamonds, or the vibrant colours of enamel. With its attention to detail and excellent surface finish it has earned the admiration of the whole world.

Belluni (“Bella Luna”) or a beautiful moon is a source of creative energy, mysterious romance and pure emotion. Its presence is very important and the finely shaped details of the jewels reflect its energy.
From now on, this jewel will whisper your name. Your love glitters like a Hulchi Belluno, because this jewel is born out of love. The love of a man to a woman named “Hul”. She is looking for balance in her life just like you. If you combine all the elements in your life in balance, they will radiate positive energy; they will radiate “Chi”.

Hulchi Belluni has a collection for everyone, for every taste and every occasion. It's a romantic fairy tale of the most fascinating type, of positive energy and harmonious balance. Let yourself be enchanted by the playful designs. Start an intimate message through gold, diamonds and mother of pearl. Because this collection is about something more. It is about you and about me. It's Toi & Moi.